17 Jun 2014

Oh, the places I'll go....

Traveling is always in the top of my wish list, but honestly I haven't had any chance to travel seriously. Well, I mean, traveling alone because I do really want to. Some years ago, I traveled to some cities, but it wasn't me who plan it, I was simply a follower. Last year, I took holiday to Bali and it was better. But still, I want to explore more, experience more, and learn more.

Since I will study abroad for a year, I start to think that this is probably the best chance to see the world, starting from Europe. I don't know how many countries I will travel, considering the limited number of my allowance, but it is always nice to make this kind of bucket list...

So, here they are...

1. Get back to Spain and explore more!

I visited Spain for one day only in 2012. I fell in love to Madrid, more than I thought I would. I don't know if it had something to do with Real Madrid. But, yes, visiting Santiago Bernabeu was the highlight of my trip. I surely will go there again and do these things:
  • Watching Real Madrid live in Santiago Bernabeu. El Classico is a must, eventhough I have to do it for just once in my life. I plan to get a Madridista Card to get their ticket easier and of course skipping one or two meals so I can afford the ticket price. It's ok for me to eat rice and salt only :B
  •  I will go to Mostoles and take picture in Avenidad de Iker Casillas. Well, if you know me you'll understand that I have a super crush with this Real Madrid's goalkeeper <3 I first saw him in World Cup 2002 when he saved Spain from Ireland's penalties. Years after that, he had made Spain receiving two Euro Cup and one World Cup (hopefully in 2014 they will succeed again!). He is a living legend and that is why his name becomes the name of an avenue in Mostoles, a suburban area where he was born. Mostoles is only 1 or 2 hours away from Madrid. I know that most likely there is nothing interesting in Mostoles, but I will go there, find that Avenidad de Iker Casillas, getting around for a while and go back to Madrid before move to other town. 
  • Explore Spain's World Heritage Cities. I'm not that into urban area like Barcelona, so if not because of Gaudi, it is not my priority. I prefer rural area, with castles and old building, paved road, and tranquil and classic ambience :) For this kind of trip, Spain is definitely the place! I would first visit its World Heritage Cities, probably the cities near Madrid, but if I had more time probably I would just drop myself by in unfamous Spain's town or village somewhere.
  • This is crazy, but I will give it a try to La Tomatina. Want to know how it feels to sink in tomatoes? Or fight with millions tomatoes? You get wet, sticky, but satisfied! :D I want La Tomatina!
2.  Visiting Provence,

During my 3 months internship in Paris, I've visited Nice and Cannes, but since it was winter I rarely feel the Southtern France atmosphere^^ There is nothing I would love to see there except the sunflower and lavender field. And it has to be in spring!!! I think I would base myself in Nice and make day trip to some villages around.

4. Watching the northern lights: Aurora!

I don't know if I really able to make it. I will be in Europe for a year only, and it means that I only have one winter to see the wonderful Aurora. However, I think I will be in Alsace for Christmas and feel the magic there. I have to search more about the best time to see the northern lights.

5. Drinking beer in October Fest!

October will be my second month in the UK. And I bet that the study demand has been starting, but a weekend in Munich will be a great blast! :p And of course I can visit Bayern Muenchen Stadium and remember some old good times when Oliver Kahn and Miroslav Klose were still there. Oh, that good old days! :)

6. Watch any ballet show in Bolshoi Theater, Moskow.

This is one of my childhood dreams because I grew up with Japanese comics about ballet. Swan Lake will be a good choice, I think. But if it does not available, anything will be okay^^

He will not miss Europe for his concert. So anywhere he performs, I will come. Hopefully not in Paris^^ 

8. Stopping by in Amsterdam and remember Van Gogh.

Because I was an amateur when I first visited Amsterdam, I missed my chance to go to Van Gogh museum. I will visit my friends in Holland for some days, and getting around to some Holland's villages of course, but I will stop at Amsterdam and getting to know this painter more. No Red Light this time! :D

9. Writing a letter for Andrea Hirata in Edensor

I can't deny that Andrea Hirata, the writer if Rainbow Troops and some other books, is one who inspires me to go and study abroad. Edensor is his favorite, a place that he was longing for. A place that he visited by coincidence and a proof on how God fulfils our dream in such a misterious way. I know that England has the most beautiful countrysides in this world, but I just can not pass Edensor. Then, about the letter to Andrea... well, it's like writing to your childhood hero^^

10. Walking around Ireland (Dublin or Glasgow), listening to Westlife song.

Westlife is my most favorite boyband. I still remember the night I woke up late watching their concert while I supposed to study math for exam. I still remember how I dreamed about playing badminton with Nicky, one of its member. I had all their albums, their posters, their magazine... I felt like I was their biggest fans. And start from that times, I always wanted to go to Ireland. Now, not for Westlife only, but maybe, for a glass of Irlandian beer :)

Well, ten things to be done are not many. I know it's more like accomplishing your childhood dream. Remembering some good old times when you were brave enough to dream and keep that dream inside of you. Proving that God, indeed, grants our dream in such a misterious way.

See you Europe, in September! :)